Anniversary, holiday, marriage proposals, birthday, team-building, graduation and  retirement!

Have a special occasion or celebration coming up? Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, reunion or marriage proposal we can assist you with scheduling a unique and special way to celebrate your occasion!


Start early, because the rest of the day you’ll be excited and ready for a crazy night.

As per tradition, newlyweds spend their final days before entering marriage by having loads of fun and excitement, as well as having a bachelor or bachelorette party.

We all remember the movie “The Hangover”… but you don’t have to wake up in a room with a tiger and full amnesia. Try something even crazier, spend your final single days in style and experience the “free” in freefall, first-hand. Family, children and all the obligations that come with them make it an extreme sport itself. A tandem parachute jump is top-notch fun you’ll remember for the rest of your life and talk about for ages. After deciding to jump out of a plane, marriage doesn’t look so difficult.

Working with you we’ll create a custom offer, full of crazy ideas. Start your bachelor or bachelorette party during the day, because later you’ll be excited and ready for a crazy night.

The whole activity is filmed with 5 cameras. You receive a video assembled in FHD resolution with pictures. MEMORIES YOU’LL BE PROUD OF.

Contact our team of flying elves and experience some of our magic… it’s waiting just for you.

Price: 270 €
Air Engagement

How to pull off a UNIQUE PROPOSAL! Our team has many years of experience organizing special events and we will

Getting engaged is a special moment in life for every couple as well as the beginning of a new phase of your relationship.

WAY NOT START IT IN A GRAND FASHION? It’s a story that will be told over and over again, and a memory you’ll always be fond of.

It’s customary for a woman to wait for her man to propose to her. But times are changing; if a woman is sure that she’s found her partner for life, why should tradition hold her back? Forget the rules and pop the question.


Our team has many years of experience organizing events of this type. We will happily help, listen to your suggestions and find the ideal solution for that special day, and give you a personalized offer.

Some of our proposals from the air have consisted of a written banner on the ground that was visible from the air, and some have had the man proposing kneeling in a big red heart with his bride-to-be landing by parachute right in front of him. The plane flight is special on its own because you have a view over the whole panorama, and we can time it to happen during sunset for a special ambience. We follow this with champagne, music, the support of your closest friends and family…

Included in our offer is top-quality video assembled in HD resolution. The video includes 5 cameras that capture very moment of the event.

If you have additional requests or questions, we will happily help in fulfilling them and customizing them to your desires. We like to call ourselves a family of flying elves, and we’re full of ideas… take advantage of our magic. We hope some of our ideas will help you win the heart of your better half.

Price: 290 €



One day excursion by plane Hvar Dubrovnik

Unique excursion by plane from Hvar island to beautiful Dubrovnik.

One-day excursion for 2 – 3 people,

Price for 3 people:
770 €  per person (2310 € total)
Price for 2 people:
990 € per person (1980 € total)

Departure at 9:00 hours
Return planned around 20:00-20:30 hours
Flight time 1:00 one way

9:00 departure from hotel.
Transfer by car from hotel to Hvar Airport.
Flight by plane from Hvar island to Dubrovnik.
A beautiful panorama (around 60 minutes) of the islands of Hvar, Korčula and Mljet and an incredible view of Dubrovnik from the air.
Transfer by car from Dubrovnik airport to Dubrovnik city.
After pick-up from the airport you will get a panoramic tour and visit Mount Srđ, 412 m/1351 ft high, from where you will see Dubrovnik from above once more, only closer this time. You’ll be introduced to the rich local history and will get the opportunity to take beautiful photos of Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.

Upon arrival, we will have lunch at the one of the local restaurant end enjoy local food and wine.

By the time the biggest crowds are hopefully gone, the tour of the city will take place. You will learn about the local history and understand why Dubrovnik is more than just some stones set on the coast. You will learn why the walls were built and of the importance of Dubrovnik in the past. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

After tour you will have some time for yourself to explore more of the city, have a cold drink and to buy some souvenirs if you prefer.

Near the end you will visit Dubrovnik’s trademark – the ancient city walls of Dubrovnik – where you will enjoy beautiful views of the Old city and area to complete your experience of Dubrovnik.

Transfer and fly
Return to hotel planned around 20:30 hours
After visiting the city walls, we will say goodbye to the ancient city and you will be transferred to Dubrovnik Airport.
Flight by plane from Dubrovnik to Hvar Airport.
Return by car from Hvar Airport to the hotel.

Price includes:

  • All transfers including to and from the airports 
  • Tickets to Srđ Museum 
  • Tickets to the City Walls 
  • Local English speaking guide
  • Guided tours of Srđ, Dubrovnik and City Walls
  • Lunch 
  • Local tax and fees